Fall is around the corner! That means, bye-bye summer. As much as we’re sad about leaving summer, we’re very excited about this autumnal season! The trademark pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, pumpkin pie, boots… So many things characterize fall! We want you to up your outfit game. That’s why we took the time to think about a comfy but chic outfit for this fall. There’s many things that are a must for this season. But most important, our Wakami Life is… Kiss Collection! The bracelet colors and beads go so well with all the autumn colors. So don’t forget to add some of our beautiful bracelets to your outfits like we did on this one.
Happy pumpkin season!


Our Youtube Channel is filled with more outfit ideas like this one, go check it out! We have many creative ideas on how to layer your different Wakami products.

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