Silvana and Cris, tell us a little about yourselves. Where are you from? What do you do? What inspires you?

We’re both born and raised in Guatemala. We’re two, 25-year-old-women, trying to change the way branding is conceived in Guatemala. Silvana is a Graphic Designer and I, Cris, just got a major in Communication Sciences. About two years ago, we decided to join forces to offer a service different from what already existed. At that time, in the creative market. There are different agencies that focus on offering only design or communication. Only separately. We identified the gap, and determined to offer something different, new and refreshing.
For this reason, we decided to focus on what we can do best: JUST BRANDING. How do we do that? By bringing brands to life, showing the bold side of people and brands that deserve it. That’s our everyday fuel and what inspires us to do what we day daily.
We enjoy the process of creating brands that connect with people through meaningful experiences. To get to witness the result of hard work is really gratifying and motivates us to continue doing what we do.


Designery Co-Owner

Describe Designery in one word:


What are the biggest challenges when it comes to working with branding, design and communication?

To get the customer to understand that, as everything changes in this world, so do the brands and the market. Everything evolves so fast that if you don’t ride the wave, you’re left behind and even worse, forgotten. Customers tend to marry the idea of their brand as something eternal. That’s our biggest challenge: to break that kind of “feared” mindset. We do that by bringing out their bold side through innovative yet, simplified ways. Ways to communicate the brand and connect it with the audience.

What is your passion? What excites you most about your work?

Simple: bringing brands to life. For us, every brand is a new Universe. It’s a new opportunity to experience the journey of identifying what goes and what stays. to design a strategy, to give it a voice and to make an unforgettable experience for the client. It’s an exciting job because we get to do different things everyday, and things that we enjoy and love.

Fashion District

Image obtained from Designery’s Behance web page

What is your dream for the world? What message would you like to share to our audience who are also dream-chasers?  

We dream of a world full of awakened and enlightened souls. People ready to make a substantial change in their habits. People connecting with the earth to find the answers we need to start healing all the damage that’s been caused. When we do that, we’re saying sorry to the earth and offering our best version to work beside it and not with it.
When we, as a society, get to that level of awareness, we will be able to do greater things. Following greater results and gaining more than we ever imagined. It’s necessary to keep learning and always keep moving. Never give up and support each other because every level of our lives will demand a different side of us. 


Image obtained from Designery’s Behance web page

How did you begin with Designery? What is your biggest achievement as a company?

We were both stuck in a time of our lives that didn’t fully made us happy. Sure, we were part-time studying and part-time working. And maybe too young to even know what was about to happen. But something didn’t match with our goals and dreams as individuals. So we both decided to quit the job we worked for without knowing that two weeks later, we’d be starting what we have today.
Silvana contacted me to tell me about a business idea she wanted to start; it was Designery. We had nothing to loose, didn’t have a job, and were ready to work our energy off to find a job that fueled our happiness. It all started in our houses, with our computers, zero budgets, but a hell lot of desire to make it work. We kicked it off by deciding what type of business it would be and defining it’s main core. A branding boutique that offers high quality design, special attention to details and a remarkable costumer experience.
Two years later, we can say that our greatest achievement has been giving life not only to our brand, but to brands that trusted us too. Also, creating a team that works like a family and connects with our work philosophy in every way. Somehow, it is working out. Not with a special trick under our sleeve, but with days, weeks, months and years of nonstop hustle. 


Image obtained from Designery’s Behance web page

What is your dream? Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Our dream is continue to make Designery grow by building a solid team and solid brands. To show the world that Guatemala has talented people, high-end design and communication services. In the future, we see ourselves still hustling, working on what we love. Changing the perception of branding, breaking the rules to build new ones. Being bold, active and participative to set the bar high for ours and the next generations to come.

Be You

Image obtained from Designery’s Behance web page

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Designery Co-Owner

*images of their work obtained from their Behance web page

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