Sharon, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? What inspires you?

I was born and raised in Guatemala. I have always been inspired by creating “something out of nothing”- this has and still is my inspiration for my work.
I studied Art Direction in Buenos Aires at the University of Palermo. I then specialized in Art Direction and Creative Communication.
Martes Creativo Design Studio (which translates into “Creative Tuesday”) was born two years ago. It happened upon realizing that I was ready to start something of my own. In the creation of something new, my inspiration became the simple, white piece of paper. With a coffee in hand and a blank canvas, anything is possible and anything can happen.  **Fun fact: I have collected white notebooks since I was young that I keep in blank. I now have more than fifty of them stored in a drawer (just in case a surge of inspiration catches me off guard).**
The central purpose of Martes Creativo is creating, designing, and refreshing brands. I am proud of my team, who has enabled the business to keep expanding into projects like Martes Creativo Shop.

How did you begin with Martes Creativo Shop? Was it always part of your dream?

The Shop began as a simple quest to design our own apparel to wear on Tuesdays. We created a uniform out of our common love for T-shirts and typography. Our creations are embroidered with popular Guatemalan slang. Such as “Alasho!”, which literally means “Shut Up!”. Upon seeing my team and I wearing these t-shirts, clients started asking about them. So we made the decision to sell them to the public via Instagram.
One year later, our Martes Creativo Shop has created six different T-shirt designs. We are excited to welcome a few more in September.  It was an exciting, spontaneous idea that is just beginning.

What is your biggest achievement as a company?

My “Martes Team”, without a doubt! Each one of us lives for the magic of creating something unique and different.
In 2016, I was entrusted by my close circle of friends and family with their projects. They believed in my outlook on what a brand should look like and represent. Out of the comfort of my home I slowly started designing their image and took off from there. I am proud to say that those brands are still part of Martes Creativo’s family today.
Two years later I am lucky to have a team of seven design addicts. People who are as involved with Martes Creativo’s projects, values and philosophy as I am.

Describe Martes Creativo Shop in one word:


What are the biggest challenges when it comes to working with branding, design and communication?

The most challenging part of the work we do is finding new and exciting ways to surprise our clients and deliver “WOW” results. Each client and brand is so different from one another that we must strive every day to make them fall in love with their “one of a kind” design.

When a client brings a new project to our team, our job is then to understand that to them this project is their baby, and strong emotions are attached. It is an amazing thing to be able to form part of a brand’s image from the beginning and transmit this emotion. Most of the businesses we work with are starting out (just like us!) and are created organically and locally. It is also challenging to stand out in a crowd and eliminate the “generic”.

Our number one purpose? Bring your ideas to life through design!

What is your dream for the world? What message would you like to share to our audience who are also dream-chasers?  

Sometimes we let our dreams stay as dreams because of the fear of failure. But, to be able to make them real we have to work for them! It all depends how much we want them, or how badly are we willing to fight for them to happen.  Also- fall in love with what you want to offer the world and the world will love it back. Grab a Martes Creativo Shop mug, be spontaneous and paint your own canvas!

What is your dream? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see Martes Creativo growing by adding more talent to our team. Creating a client portfolio that allows us to walk side by side with them throughout the entire creative process.
I like to think that only by growing alongside our brands can we grow as well.   
As for Martes Creativo Shop, my dream is to keep creating fun products to one day sell at our own retail store.

What is your passion? What excites you most about your work?

My passion is creating a brand’s image for it to tell its own story through communication and design. Our mission is to make a project breathe and then celebrate its milestones!

What excites me the most is working with my team and knowing that we are good at what we do and love doing it! Again- a blank canvas gives us so much space for creation.

*images provided by Sharon

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