Tell us your name, your age, and where are you from?

My name is Nicolas Samayoa, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Guatemala.

      What do you like to do?


I like to spend my time with my loved ones, sharing moments and creating memories that give life purpose

      Which Wakami story you feel the most identified with?


I have been able to enjoy the journey of Wakami throughout the years through the eyes of my mom, Maria Pacheco. Going to the Wakami center last month was one of my favorite experiences. It was one that I feel most identified with. The Wakami center will provide children with the opportunity to change their vies. The opportunity to learn how to empower themselves. To chase their dream no matter how impossible it seems. I was also a kid chasing his dream and all I was looking for was somewhere to provide me with the right tools to achieve it. 

      What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to become a professional soccer player. Since little, all I wanted to do was chase the ball. As I grew I realized that soccer was my passion and I was going to pursue it. The journey seemed difficult and with a lot of missteps. but, with hard work and sacrifice I managed to put myself in a position to achieve it. One week ago I got drafted by the New England Revolution. It’s a professional soccer club and I am one step close to achieving my dream.

      What are you doing today to make that dream a reality?

Working very hard to prepare myself. I wish to meet the standards of a professional soccer player. Both mentally and physically. Working on my weaknesses so one day they become my strengths.

      Why did you become a dream chaser?

Because I saw the opportunity to use my influence in social media to generate a positive change in this world. Wakami provided me with an unique change to be able to help the world be a better place even if it’s a small change.

      What would you say to a Wakami producer?

First of all that they are amazing women. They are no longer tied by their hands feeling like they have no worth and value. They have empowered themselves and generated change in the community. That is something amazing and special. Guatemala needs women like you to change the country and get it to a better place.  

      What does Purpose, Prosperity and hope means to you?

It means everything you should focus on in life. If you live by those values you will find happiness. You’ll also provide the change this world desperately needs.

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