These past days I’ve been traveling around my country and practicality became a priority. I was traveling through the villages in Guatemala. I went to the mountains and tropical areas. It was a delight! But traveling light made it a little hard to look stylish. This is why I got inspired to create 3 outfit ideas with black jeans + white tshirt. Now you can add something interesting to the basic combo. You’ll look stylish without too much effort!

1. Black Jeans + White shirt + a DRESS?

I love adding unexpected pieces to my outfits. This is why I suggest you add your favorite buttoned up dress to your outfit. I will almost look like a coat but with the easy look of a dress.  Add your favorite Life is… bracelet to this outfit to make it look even more cool and relaxed. Espadrilles and lamulticolor bags go perfect with this combination.

2. Black Jeans + White shirt + RAIN ACCESORIES?

Now that rain is starting to appear where we are, rain accessories are perfect! I love to wear different colors on my rain boots. I think that showing your favorite patterned socks is an unexpected detail that adds a lot to the outfit. Wear a knitted sweater or a rain coat with this combo. And of course, you can’t leave your house without your life is… bracelets that are handwoven by rural Guatemalan women.

3. Black Jeans + White shirt + PARISIAN VIBES!

Paris inspiration is all over the magazines this fall. Flowers and embroidery is all over any fashion blog. This is why I suggest you get a statement piece with flowers or a romantic design. I love mules for footwear for this TRÈS CHIC look.  Add a life is… bracelet on girly colors!!!!

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