Summer has begun: the temperature stays now above 30°C. Daylight seems to never fade away and the desire to stay outside becomes stronger. It is that time of the year… Where your thoughts wander to images of the beach, ice-cream cones and cold drinks. Summer time also means more free time and we’ve come up with 5 outdoor activities to make the best of it!

#1 Hiking

Wherever you are, a hike is always an option. You can border the beach, go up a mountain, or just stroll through your neighborhood. Walking is not only good for your health, but also a great time to let yourself get lost in your own thoughts about life.

#3 Picnic at the Park

Pack a basket with a homemade sandwich, a refreshing drink, some fresh fruit or snacks, and a mat. Go to the nearest park. Let the mat hit the floor, lay down and enjoy a perfect summer afternoon. After eating your yummy lunch, allow yourself to soak in the warm rays of sunshine. All the while reading your favorite book and listening to a catchy playlist. This is a way to relax and take time to yourself. Let the stress be relieved while enjoying some of your favorite things.

#2 Cycling

Get your body moving and go for a bike ride! If you don’t own one, there are plenty of places where you can rent for a cheap price. A bike is the perfect transportation to wander around at your own pace. Yet it allows you to cover a good amount of kilometers in a short time. Moreover, you can make short stops every once in a while to get a fresh drink or a yummy snack. Then get back on the road to keep exploring.

#4 Yoga Session

School, work and life in general can get a little stressful sometimes. As humans, we need to take a time-out every once in a while to allow our mind and body to rest. Taking a yoga class at the park, in a special facility or even on your own, can be a great option to rest. Stretching your body while listening to the singing birds in the background will help you lift the heaviness off your shoulders. Press the re-start button to continue being the best at whatever you do on a daily basis.

#5 Rock Climbing

If you want an option that will get your heart pounding, go rock climbing! Don’t mind if where you live there are no actual rocks to do so because now, there are many facilities with artificial ones that allow you to do! Rock climbing is an amazing sport where you use all of your muscles and will have to challenge your mind and flexibility to climb as high as you can.

Go have a sweat, a bit of adrenaline rush and a fun time!

*images obtained from Pinterest’s web page

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