Ok, We all know I love school. But I also love to sleep… so sometimes I have to really run in the morning. This is the moment when white shirts and jeans come to play. Today I’m showing you three simple outfits that are perfect for school or work. All of them with a white shirt and a pair of jeans but with enough style to make you look chic!

For those who love comfort

Combine the go-to combo with a bomber jacket. It is simple and REALLY trendy this season. I love how rose gold tones look when they are combined with olive green so this might be a great combination if you are looking for a casual and simple yet cool outfit. I love this eyeglass chain by Wakami because it adds a girly vibe to the whole thing.


For those who are not afraid of fringes

This is my favorite outfit. (I tend to dress more on the bohemian side) Combine this simple outfit with a statement piece such as a fringe jacket. Add booties and maybe a bandana to look more polished. Trust me, this is perfect for those days when you want to make an impression but you have no time at all. Combine this look with our Wakami eyeglass Chain to wrap the whole look with a bohemian vibe. Don’t leave your house without your favorite LAMULTICOLOR bag!

For those who want to look a tiny bit nerdy

Ok, I must confess I love to look nerdy on the first weeks of school. (There’s no second chance to make a first impression, right? ) So this is one of my go-to outfits to show how I love books and also love fashion. Combine the classic white shirt and jeans with a knitted sweater (My favorite fall piece) add some cute oxfords and a headband to achieve that sweet look. Our Wakami eyeglass chains are perfect to give this look an extra edgy vibe and make it look more fashionable.

Have a great back to school season and remember that learning is one of the most amazing experience one can have!

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