If there’s something I like when I go to school it is to look different. I love outfits that scream my name and that are different from what everyone wears. But trust me when I say, I don’t put that much effort. I wear basic combos (like white shirts and jeans or denim dresses) with great accessories. I also use pieces that are unique and a little extravagant. These things make all the difference.
Today we’re going to talk about 10 specific accessories. Those will transform any ordinary outfit into an extraordinary fashion statement.
  1. Platform sneakers

    I think these kind of sneakers will bring any outfit to another lever (literally). There’s something about the platform that makes you look a little more chic. I suggest you pick a risky print, something different that will say “I’m not afraid of color”.

  2. Rain boots

    I know! Rain boots can be a little childish. But I totally think that they are statement pieces. They will turn a lot of heads towards you while you’re walking in the school halls. I love them with prints or maybe even in bright red.

  3. Rings

    I am ADDICTED to rings. I like to wear them in different tones, metals and colors. Some days I wear at least ten small rings and other days I wear one big statement ring. But I think they make any casual/basic outfit look chic!

  4. Eyeglass chain

    Lately I’ve been loving to wear eyeglass chains for school. There’s this vintage vibe they have that looks really unique. Wakami handmade eyeglass chains are perfect. That’s because they combine practicality with a boho-chic vibe.

  5. Metallic backpack

    Backpacks are totally necessary to go back to school. And as you know, you can find them in MANY different colors and shapes. Metallic backpacks are so trendy right now! Pick a silver one or maybe even a rose gold backpack. You’d be bringing to school one of the most seen runway accessories of the season.

  6. Bomber jacket

    By now you know I can’t live without my bomber jackets. They are SO EASY! Since they’re trending now, it’s the easiest way to transform your outfit into a magazine look.

  7. Fun shirts

    I don’t know if these count as an accessory. But it is definitely a cool piece to add to your outfit. Substitute your plain shirt with one with a cool quote or a funny print. Everyone will give you compliments, trust me on that!

  8. Wakami Bracelets

    These EARTH bracelets will take your outfit to ANOTHER LEVEL. They come in awesome colors that go perfect with any item in your closet. Besides, they are handmade in Guatemala by rural artisans. These bracelets make the perfect combination of being fashion and helping others.

  9. Lamulticolor handbags

    These handwoven bags are a must. They are such unique pieces and they make the best school tote. Besides they come with amazing pompons that scream coolness!

  10. Headbands

    I love headbands and turbants! Since I hate to have my hair all over my face they are the most chic option to achieve this. I love them with embellishments or fun prints.

Dare to be different this back to school season and never forget to have fun while you are learning.

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